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multi-Orbit Satellite Connectivity

Every advancement in our multi-orbit approach addresses a client’s requirement. Whether it’s minor yet significant innovations, such as linking oil rig teams with their loved ones, or facilitating the digital overhaul of whole sectors.

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Experience our expansive Satellite Network Service with a global reach across GEO, MEO, and LEO orbits.

We can offer coverage that stands unparalleled.


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Global Communication Connectivity

We offer dependable satellite solutions tailored for those in isolated regions and challenging settings. Our approach goes beyond mere installations; we actively collaborate with our clients to provide effective resolutions tailored to their challenges. Clients can rest assured knowing they have a resilient solution that meets their present requirements and can be scaled to accommodate future growth and needs.

Complete Real-Time Fleet Tracking Management

We deliver communications solutions tailored for all types of vessels, from expansive commercial fleets to fishing boats and luxury yachts. Our satellite services span diverse networks, ensuring worldwide coverage, optimal network uptime, dependable voice communications, swift data transfers, and seamless integration with onshore systems. Enhanced by our additional services, we guarantee you’ll never feel adrift.

Mining Operation Control & Management

We offer an advanced software platform specifically designed to assist and oversee mining operations. 

Innovative platforms managing all your mining activities from Production Tracking, to Equipment Management: Overseeing the health, location, and performance of machinery and equipment. Safety Protocols, Data Analysis, Operational Efficiency.

Powerful AI Solutions for a More Secure Environment

Clearsky offers powerful video-based analytics modules, utilizing existing CCTV infrastructure, covering individual business locations to a complete “Smart City” solution.

AI-enabled video search and analytics for everything from Social Health monitoring, Fire and smoke detection, weapon detection, and Abnormal activity detection to Mining and construction.

Adaptable Mobile Mesh solution

Completely mobile, ever versatile.

Rajant’s Kinetic Mesh stands out from other wireless mesh systems available today, offering uncompromised mobile broadband connections that are easy, immediate, and infallible in every scenario.

It ensures a steadfast wireless mesh network that adapts and progresses in tandem with your connectivity needs.

Network Optimized, end-to-end cloud-based solutions

In-House IT Development – Shevon employs its own in-house graduate software developers,  we have developed numerous data integration tools to facilitate either client requirements or to enhance our service offering to clients.

We enable customers to access multiple cloud solutions, including, but not limited to, Microsoft Azure.

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