A World Of Future-Proof
Network Solutions

Tailored TERRESTRIAL Solutions

Whether an exploration company is setting up a simple site, or a
mine requiring full blown communication in the heart of Africa,
we provide access to voice and data services that can be vital to
both business and survival. We offer reliable global services,
delivered through robust yet compact terminals, in portable,
fixed, and vehicular form.

Fixed Satellite

Supporting internet and voice services for clients from single users to fully functioning mines with unmatched performance.

Portable Satellite

Bringing satellite connectivity to your smartphone and smart device anywhere in the world.

Mobile SatPhone

Market-leading handheld satellite phones that can provide reliable global communication on the move.

Tailored MARITIME Solutions

With an ever-increasing demand for services that tick the
boxes for reliability and performance, Shevon Holdings provides
solutions that offer the best in supporting operational efficiency
as well as keeping the crew happy. We provide satellite services
across a range of networks, which offer global coverage, the highest
network availability, reliable voice services, high data speeds, and easy
integration with shore-based systems, coupled with our own
value-added service, we can assure that you’ll never be left ‘all at sea’.

Commercial Maritime

Having connectivity is essential for communicating with headquarters, ensuring your crew stays informed and satisfied, optimizing fleet operations, and coordinating the implementation of new cloud-based systems.

Cruises and Ferries

Your guests anticipate being
connected on board, mirroring the connectivity they experience at home. This entails providing high-speed, dependable connections for streaming their preferred TV shows, engaging in social media activities, and staying in touch with friends and family through chat.

Yachts and Fishing

Embarking on a voyage no longer implies disconnecting from the grid. Customers anticipate a seamless experience for every meeting, show, and conversation, just as they would expect on land.

Powerful AI Solutions

Clearsky is a Global Leader in Highly-Secured Cloud Video and Big Data Solutions.
The Clearsky platform orchestrates multiple 4th generation AI video analytics
engines to provide higher accuracy and lower total costs across the industry’s broadest
array of video analytics. Clearsky solutions are deployed with over ten thousand cameras
worldwide in perimeter security, intrusion detection, access control, LPR and FR applications.
Clearsky brings together communities, municipalities, and governments through the use of
Artificial Intelligence and the ability to go beyond the norm.

Abnormal Activity Detection

Clearsky’s AI People Tracking solution, also named AI Counting, can quickly and accurately detect abnormal activities such as people loitering for more than a certain time period, slipping and falling, crouching, and/or moving in the wrong direction in the camera’s field of view.

Mining and Construction

High-Risk Area Intrusion Detection Mining & Construction sites contain many high-risk areas. To ensure the safety of the pedestrians and workers while protecting the critical infrastructures, the user can set up ROIs at the restricted area to prevent unwanted accesses.

Fire and Smoke Detection

Clearsky’s AI Fire Detection Model accurately identifies fire and smoke in real time and on demand, as well as generating alerts when a flame is detected or there is more smoke than a certain threshold. The AI Fire video analytics is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors to guarantee safety, provide ample time to react, and protect people and properties

Weapon Detection

Clearsky’s Weapon Detection identifies handguns, rifles, knives, and people. Immediately receive alerts when weapons or suspects appear on premise. Stop life-threatening incidents from occurring by preemptively alerting authorities and locking down the building through alert trigger actions when dangers arise.

RAJANT Mobile Mesh Solutions

Rajant Kinetic Mesh, the leading industrial wireless mesh network, is
fully mobile and intelligently adapts to change—instantly and without
outside intervention—to keep mission-critical operations moving. Kinetic
Mesh® networks work autonomously to provide optimal connectivity
across an organization’s dynamic environment of fixed and mobile
assets, delivering robust applications in real-time.

BreadCrumb® Wireless Network Node

Rajant’s Kinetic Mesh® is the only wireless network that autonomously adapts to operational and environmental changes in open-pit and underground mines High functionality, easy-to-install BreadCrumb wireless nodes form our Kinetic Mesh® industrial wireless infrastructure. They work in concert with InstaMesh to enable voice, video and data communications that operate over a common mesh infrastructure. Hundreds can be quickly linked, self-configuring as part of a fully mobile, high bandwidth industrial WiFi network.


Optimized Mine Management Solutions

Mining operations involve high investments and operating costs. Therefore,
effective Production Control and Costs, as maximum profitability of assets is
essential. The management and optimization of a mining operation is only
possible, with adequate data collection and competent people in data analysis.
It is a difficult task! Given the large number of data analysis, their origin and
dissemination lag in time. But you can not manage without measure! You can
not measure without proper tools! Egapi Mining Is the Proper tool!!


Vessel Tracking Solutions

Vessel tracking provides a near real-time overview of your fleet,
incorporating security threats, risks, and regulatory zones. We offer
complete situational awareness with global visibility and actionable
intelligence to increase operational efficiency and support compliance.
Our advanced, blended tracking technology and interactive maps offer
flexibility and simplicity to fleet owners, managers, and charterers
requiring fleet-wide vessel monitoring.